Shatberashvili St # 52/54/56

About Project

Tbili Sky is located in the prestigious district of the city center, distinguished by the finest ecological settings. Its name denotes a brand-new apartment complex, with five main pillars of western standards at its foundation:


Building is located on Shatberashvili St. #52/54/56-ში, in the most prestigious district of Tbilisi. Total construction are is 3030 Sq. m. and includes 110 Residental appartments. Based on 6 coditions listed above Tbili Sky is ideal place to live for each resident.


Main Advantages

17 300 m²

Total Living Area


Parking Spots for 110 Appartments

1000 m²

Recreational Zone


Protected area

200 m²

Indoor recreational space

Our Advantages

  • Architecture at international standards.
  • Construction materials of supreme quality.
  • Maximum safeguards against natural disasters (earthquakes, landslides, etc.)
  • Robustness, guaranteed by the 6th category rocky soil and 15-meter-deep pile “sheet”A foundation strengthened by 90 cm wide bars.
  • Monolithic ferro-concrete framework.
  • Protected parking lot with 120 places.
  • A transport system designed with traffic in mind.
  • The scheme of internal streets provides three-way circulation and encompasses Shatberashvili Street, Shatberashvili Alley, and Zhvania Street.
  • A lobby with state-of-the-art design.
  • The pedestrian staircase-walkway, built for the project, connects the apartment complex with these streets.
  • The complex is attended by a professional concierge.
  • The complex is served by a cleaning staff.
  • The building is equipped with video surveillance and fire alarm systems in complete accord with safety norms.
  • The apartment complex provides on-site security.
  • According to air and environmental pollution researches, the location of the housing complex is ideal, as well as being in the most ecologically clean part of the city, the center.
  • 1000 Sq. m. open-air space with a playground and green-space resting areas.
  • An outdoor entertainment and leisure space, framed in full accordance with safety standards.
  • 200 Sq. m. roofed space for relaxation in any weather.
  • The complex is projected with modern architectural outward appearance and dressing materials such as natural masonry, natural woodwork, composite panels, decorative tin, glazing systems, façade decorative lighting and many more.
  • The complex visually fully blends in the surrounding landscape and the urban area.
  • The complex’s stylishly set and decorated interior creates additional aesthetic space for its inhabitants.
  • The complex’s stylishly set and decorated exterior creates additional aesthetic space for its inhabitants.

Apartments with complete renovation

Apartments with
complete renovation